I AM seeing more and more requests for help following the volcanic eruption in Iceland as people struggle to travel between the UK and France. So I thought I'd start a forum thread to try and help.

No real rules just try and keep messages brief and to the point, making clear your travel request or offering. You can reply to people's messages directly beneath their message if necessary, just make sure you leave some way for interested parties to contact you.

Websites: SeaFrance, P&O Ferries, LD Lines, Norfolkline, Brittany Ferries, Condor Ferries, Eurotunnel, Eurolines

Authorities: UK air traffic control NATS, French civil aviation authority DGAC, UK Foreign Office


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Short term ferry tickets proving difficult. Travelling from St. Pancras -> Bordeaux = 130 euros (one way) on Wednesday. Eight hour trip. Four with a smartphone!
Can people contact you direct somehow Gerry, email maybe???
Sure. I meant to include goneilluk@gmail.com
from @davelee Please! There's 2 of us in Bordeaux. Need to get to London... although England will do. davelee.mail@gmail.com
Norfolkline is not able to take foot passengers but in order to assist people in getting across the channel today Monday, April 19 it is running the following services, tickets must be booked at the port:

Dover to Dunkirk:
- Two coaches (with a capacity of 49 people on each) running on its 12pm service from Dover to Dunkirk
- Two coaches (with a capacity of 49 people on each) running on its 2pm service from Dover to Dunkirk

Dunkirk to Dover:
- Two coaches (with a capacity of 49 people on each) running on its 4pm service from Dunkirk to Dover
- Two coaches (with a capacity of 49 people on each) running on its 6pm service from Dunkirk to Dover

Norfolkline is expecting the above services to book up fast but the company also has limited spaces still available for cars.
Excellent idea!
Frogbus are looking at running a landbridge service from Barcelona and Gerona airports through France, possibly linking up with Eurostar.

They need to know how much interest there might be amongst people looking to get back to the UK, just reply directly to this message below if the option appeals.
@evarley My parents, plus another 1 need to get from Barcelona to London.
@Simon_H77 inlaws may want travel from barca if can get them there from Malta.
Hi all

I've just tweeted this but if you can all do the same - or facebook it, it should have a big impact and hopefully help some stranded people....

Bit of a long shot but I don't suppose anyone would be prepared to take a 12 year old from Sw france to London or south of England?


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